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"She who laughs last,
laughs best!"

"Laughter is the
best medicine."

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, trip over a big bag of garbage and fall on the sidewalk breaking a bone or two and you fall alone!"

Easy Joke Six

"A Good Dancer"
This joke uses misdirection to make us laugh at the end. Enjoy!
Sammy (1) took Sally out dancing. Sammy was (2) having a good time when Sally (3) suddenly said to him, “You could be a good dancer (4) except for two things.”

Sammy eagerly asked, “What are the two things?”

Sally (5) calmly replied, “Your feet!”

(1) He brought her to someplace to have fun
(2) having fun
(3) very quickly, it was not expected
(4) other than, besides those two things
(5) peacefully
Explanation: Sammy was hoping for two ideas from Sally, two pieces of advice that could help him become a good dancer. If only he had different feet, maybe he could be a good dancer. But he cannot get new feet so, in Sally's opinion, he will never be a good dancer. (It seems Sammy is a lot like me!)

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