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"She who laughs last,
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"Laughter is the
best medicine."

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, trip over a big bag of garbage and fall on the sidewalk breaking a bone or two and you fall alone!"

Easy Joke Seven

"The Court's Decision"
This joke is about a couple getting divorced (ending their marriage) in a court of law. In most divorce cases, the husband ends up paying money called "alimony" to his wife, to help support her when she is alone. In this story, does the Judge explain his decision well enough? (*o*)
“Mr. Clark, I have (1) reviewed this (2) case very carefully,” the divorce  court Judge said, “And I've decided to give your wife $775 a week”.

“That's very fair, (3) Your Honor,” the husband said. “And (4) every now and then I'll try to send her a few (5) bucks myself."

(1) looked carefully or "looked over"
(2) a problem discussed in a court of law
(3) a polite title (name) for a Judge
(4) sometimes (not very often)
(5) dollars
Explanation: When the Judge used the verb "give", he meant his decision would give the woman $775. It is normally the husband's duty (his requirement) to pay the alimony. But this man, when he heard the word "give", thought the Judge would pay it. Now THAT would be a very nice Judge! (^_^)

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