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best medicine."

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Medium Joke Five

"How Smart Are You?"
This joke shows two possible ways of being "smart" or "intelligent". It compares what you KNOW to what you CAN DO. Enjoy!
A man once had an old boat, which he used (1) to ferry people across the river. One day, he was taking a university professor to the other side.

“What is (2) seven times seven?” asked the professor.

  “I don’t know,” answered the man.  

  “Well, how do you (3) spell elephant?” asked the professor.

“I (4) have no idea,” replied the man.  

“Didn’t you study anything at school?” (5) demanded the professor, surprised.  

“No,” said the man.  

“Then you have (6) wasted half your life,” said the professor. 

The man was silent for a little while. Then he said, “Can you swim?” 

“No,” said the professor.

“Then you have wasted ALL of your life. We are (7) sinking.”

(1) to go across a river and come back again  

(2) 7 X 7 = 49  

(3) to spell a word means "what letters do you use to write it" ("elephant" is spelled  e - l - e - p - h - a - n - t)  

(4) I don't know  

(5) to ask strongly  

(6) to not use well  

(7) going under water

So, in the end, who is smarter? The university professor who cannot swim or the simple man who can swim?

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