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"She who laughs last,
laughs best!"

"Laughter is the
best medicine."

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, trip over a big bag of garbage and fall on the sidewalk breaking a bone or two and you fall alone!"

Medium Joke Eight

"Choosing a bathing suit"
This joke teaches many things - how to choose a bathing suit, how to keep your wife happy, how to end a marriage. Enjoy!
A woman told this story:

While shopping for vacation clothes, my husband and I passed (1) a display� of (2) bathing suits. � It had been at least ten years and (3) twenty pounds since I had even (4) considered � buying a bathing suit, so I (5) sought my husband's advice.

'What do you think?' I asked.

'Should I get (6) a bikini or an all-in-one?'

'Better get a bikini,' he replied. � 'You'd never (7) get it all in one..'

He's still in (8) intensive care.

(1) showing many clothes in a store
(2) clothes we wear to go swimming
(3) she weighed 20 pounds less (about 8 kilograms) ten years before
(4) thought about
(5) past of "seek" = to look for
(6) a bathing suit with two pieces, for women
(7) get her body into the bathing suit
(8) a part of a hospital where very, very, VERY sick people stay
Explanation: Although she calmly described her situation, the woman must have been VERY unhappy with her husband's answer. The lesson is clear. Men, be careful when you give your wife advice!

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