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"She who laughs last,
laughs best!"

"Laughter is the
best medicine."

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, trip over a big bag of garbage and fall on the sidewalk breaking a bone or two and you fall alone!"

Medium Joke Nine

"High in the Sky"
This story uses the present tense which makes it seem like a "live" story, as if we are watching a movie or TV program. See if you can guess the surprise ending this time!
(1) The scene is a newspaper office. (2) The editor says to one of his reporters: "There's a fire (3) raging out of control west of town and I want you to get out there fast. And (4) above all, get some good (5) shots. If that means you have to (6) hire an airplane, just do it. Don't worry about (7) the expense." So, the reporter calls the airport and orders a plane. He (8) rushes out to the airport, (9) spots a small aircraft with a young pilot in it, pulls open the door, jumps in and says to the pilot: "Let's go, (10) take off".

As directed, the pilot takes off, gets up to (11) altitude, and the reporter then tells him: "See that fire raging to the west? I want you to fly over that and get down as close as you can".

(12) Incredulous, the pilot says: "You want me to fly over that fire?"

"Sure, the reporter says, "I am a photojournalist and that's why I am here - to take (13) dramatic shots of the fire!"

The pilot looks over with a (14) quizzical look on his face and says: "You're not (15) the flight instructor?"

(1) the situation, just like the opening scene of a movie
(2) the person who makes decisions in a newspaper
(3) "rage" = great anger, so a raging fire is burning wildly, as if it is very angry
(4) the most important thing
(5) photos (we "shoot" photographs)
(6) pay money to rent a plane for a short time
(7) the cost
(8) hurries
(9) sees
(10) when an airplane leaves, it goes up into the air
(11) high in the sky
(12) unable to believe something
(13) exciting photos (as in a "drama")
(14) confused - he does not understand
(15) someone who teaches people how to fly airplanes
Explanation: The reporter must have gotten in the wrong airplane! The pilot is just a student. He knew how to take off but does he know how to land the airplane (bring it back down) without a teacher? (*o*)

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