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"She who laughs last,
laughs best!"

"Laughter is the
best medicine."

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, trip over a big bag of garbage and fall on the sidewalk breaking a bone or two and you fall alone!"

Medium Joke Twelve

"The Big Sale"
This joke is about a big sale. Can you imagine all the eager customers waiting outside for the store to open early in the morning? What would happen if one person tries to "cut" to the front of the line? In this story, we'll find out. Enjoy!
It was the day of the big sale. (1) Rumors of the sale and some advertising in (2) the local paper were the main reason for the long line that formed (3) by 8:30 in the morning in front of the store. A small man pushed his way to the front of the line, only to be pushed back, (4) amid loud and (5) colorful curses.

On the man's second (6) attempt, he was punched (7) square in the jaw, and knocked around a bit, and then thrown to the end of the line again. As he got up the second time, he said to the person at the end of the line,

(8) "That does it! If they hit me one more time, I don't open the damn store!"

(1) something people say, even if it's not true (but many people believe it's true)
(2) a small newspaper
(3) before that time
(4) with loud voices all around ("mid" in "amid" means "in the middle")
(5) bad language
(6) try
(7) directly on the part of his face below his mouth
(8) "that's the end!"
Explanation: Only with the man's last sentence do we realize he is not cutting to the front of the line. He actually works there and he wants to unlock the door for the customers. (^v^)

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