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Strange News Story Number Two

"Confused Thieves"
This story shows you how NOT to rob a store. Enjoy!

Vocabulary Story

Two (1) would-be robbers left a (2) convenience store (3) empty-handed after getting into an argument about the (4) contents of a note they (5) handed to (6) the clerk. The two men entered the convenience store in a small town early Tuesday morning. They (7) left the store and came back a few minutes later. One of them handed the clerk a note saying, (8) in part, "put it in the bag." When the clerk said she didn't understand what that meant, the man who handed her the note said he didn't know (9) either because (10) his buddy wrote it. The two men began to argue and left the store. They are still (11) at large.

New Words

(1) not successful (they wanted to be robbers, but they failed!)
(2) a small store where you can buy only the most popular foods and drinks
(3) with nothing in their hands (they failed!)
(4) what is in the note (what was written)
(5) gave / past of "give"
(6) the worker in the store
(7) past of "leave" (they went out)
(8) not all of the note (only part of it)
(9) similar to "too" (used with "not")
(10) his friend
(11) they are free (the police have not found them)

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