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Strange News Story Number Three

"A Woman Scorned"
This story proves the old saying that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". ("Hath" is the old way of writing "has". "Fury" is great anger with the idea of violent action. "Scorned" basically means "turned away".) Do you think the woman in this story is right to do the things she did? What should the man have done about this? I certainly would not want to be in his shoes!

Vocabulary Story

A (1) jilted Hong Kong woman (2) pestered her (3) former lover with more than 1,000 phone calls a day for three years. The (4) nuisance calls began when the married man refused the woman's (5) pleas to live together. Unable (6) to cope under (7) the barrage of calls, the man (8) switched jobs and changed his telephone, mobile and (9) pager numbers two years later. But the woman found out the new numbers and (10) resumed her calls a year later, (11) topping it with another 500 faxes a day. The two (12) came to blows on New Year's day this year, when the woman presented herself at the man's home to (13) demand money. The man was later (14) arrested and released (15) on bail when the woman complained to police saying he had hit and (16) intimidated her.

New Words

(1) broken hearted
(2) bothered (like "a pest", for example, an insect)
(3) the man she loved before (not now)
(4) telephone calls made to bother him, not to communicate
(5) very eager and passionate requests
(6) to live with a problem or difficult situation
(7) like an attack in a war
(8) changed
(9) a communication device used for calling someone who is travelling
(10) continued
(11) to do more or to add more (put more on top)
(12) started to hit each other
(13) to ask for in a strong way
(14) taken by the police
(15) he must pay money to the court - if he tries to run away, he will lose the bail money
(16) he tried to make her afraid (maybe he said he would do bad things to her)

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