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Strange News Story Number Four

"Funny Money"
This story is about a man who tried to use fake money, also called "counterfeit" (pronounced "counter - fit") money. We could also call fake money "funny money", but the money in this story is truly funny! Enjoy.

Vocabulary Story

Police in Kentucky are looking for a customer who succeeded in paying for a $2 order at a fast-food restaurant with a (1) phony $200 bill (2) featuring a picture of President George W. Bush and (3) a depiction of the White House with a lawn sign saying, "We like (4) broccoli."

Authorities say the female (5) cashier at a Dairy Queen in Danville even gave (6) the culprit $198 in real money as change. "Somebody at a drive-in ordered some food and passed a $200 (7) novelty bill with George Bush on it,'' a Danville Police (8) Detective said. "At a distance it looks like a real bill, it's got the green color," the detective said when asked how the cashier possibly could mistake it for (9) genuine money.

The (10) cartoonish bill was accepted on Sunday evening by the Dairy Queen cashier (11) despite having Bush on one side and (12) an oil well on the other. The phony bill also depicted the White House lawn with yard signs reading "U.S. deserves a tax cut", "No more (13) scandals", and "We like broccoli", the last (14) apparently referring to Bush's father's admitted dislike for the vegetable.

Because there is no actual $200 (15) currency, the culprit could face a charge of (16) theft by (17) deception but not counterfeiting.

New Words

(1) not real / fake
(2) showing
(3) like a drawing (probably not a realy photograph)
(4) a thick, green vegetable
(5) the person to whom you pay money in a store
(6) the bad guy
(7) something use for fun or as a joke
(8) a policeman who tries to solve difficult crimes
(9) true or real
(10) like a cartoon
(11) even though
(12) where oil comes out of the ground
(13) very bad and surprising things that famous people do
(14) it seems
(15) money
(16) stealing
(17) lying / not telling the truth

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