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Strange News Story Number Five

"Hurt in an Accident?"
People can feel some "shock" after they are in an accident. Usually a person who is hit by a car feels the most pain. In this case, the driver of the car also felt a lot of pain. In any case, that is what a court of law decided. Enjoy!

Vocabulary Story

(1) A motorist who (2) knocked down a young (3) deaf mute in London after she ran out in front of his car was (4) awarded more than $700,000 in damages Thursday for (5) post-traumatic stress as a result of the accident. The court (6) found that the accident, which badly injured the girl, had left the 28-year-old motorist in a (7) "parlous" state of health. His condition was such that he was unable to run his (8) scaffolding business, which (9) collapsed, and his wife left with their children because of his (10) behavior. The child was (11) struck by the driver after she ran out in front of his car from behind a parked (12) vehicle. A London court made the award against a taxi driver who had been (13) ferrying the 4-year-old to her home for almost a year, as well as (14) the firm the taxi driver worked for.

New Words

(1) a driver
(2) hit someone and made her fall
(3) someone who cannot hear nor speak
(4) given
(5) after the shock (of an accident)
(6) in court, "found" means "decided"
(7) very bad
(8) materials used to help people build new buildings
(9) fell down - his business died
(10) actions
(11) was hit
(12) anything with four wheels - a car, bus, truck, or taxi
(13) bringing back and forth to school and back home again
(14) the company

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