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Strange News Story Number Twelve

"Can I buy your car?"
This story is about a stupid thief. Enjoy!

Vocabulary Story

A woman in South Wales reported to the police that her Ford Focus car was stolen. In the report she also (1) mentioned (2) sheepishly that her Nokia phone was in the car. The policeman who took down (3) her details was quick-thinking and called her Nokia phone. He told the person who answered that he had read an (4) advert in the local newspaper, and the Ford seemed just the car he was looking for. They (5) arranged to meet in a highway (6) rest stop, where the thief was (7) arrested.

New Words

(1) said
(2) a little embarrassed
(3) the specific things she told them
(4) short for "advertisement"
(5) planned a time and place to meet
(6) a place next to the highway with toilets and sometimes a place to buy food
(7) taken in by the police
Explanation: The car was not really for sale, but the thief didn't know that! The police pretended that he had seen an ad, tricking the thief into meeting him.

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