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Strange News Story Number Fifteen

"Nerves of Steel?"
This story is about a rather nervous bank robber. I wonder what she was thinking...

Vocabulary Story

(1) A female walked into a bank in (2) New York State and (3) handed (4) the teller a note, (5) demanding all her cash. The note said she would start (6) shooting if the teller didn't (7) comply.

The teller asked her, "Are you serious?"

(8) The suspect responded by (9) fleeing the bank.

New Words

(1) a woman
(2) NOT New York City, but big area around NY City (and to the north and west)
(3) gave using her hand
(4) someone who works in a bank
(5) telling her that she MUST give all of her money
(6) shooting a gun!
(7) do as she was told
(8) the woman who seems to be a criminal
(9) running away

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