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Strange News Story Number Eighteen

"The Most Expensive Parking"
This story is about a parking space worth more than many homes. Rich people are cRaZy!!

Vocabulary Story

A (1) real estate agent said (2) a resident of Boston's upscale Back Bay section (3) plunked down $300,000 to own what is believed to be (4) the priciest parking space in the city's history. Agent Debra Sordillo told (5) The Boston Globe that several residents of a building on (6) bid for the (7) coveted space, driving up what had been the original asking price of $250,000. Sordillo said (8) prime parking spaces are very (9) difficult to come by in the neighborhood. The winning bidder was not identified. The Globe reported that the seller of the parking space is also trying to sell a two-bedroom (10) suite in the building for $2.5 million.

New Words

(1) a person who sells land or buildings
(2) a person who lives there
(3) put down (used often with money - "plunk" sounds like putting down many, many silver coins!)
(4) the most expensive
(5) a big newspaper in Boston
(6) offered to buy
(7) something many people want
(8) very good
(9) difficult to get
(10) a big apartment, usually with many rooms

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